Classic Pedicure                             $25
Enjoy yourself in a comfortable massage chair, while we soak your feet in an energizing peppermint scent solution to sanitize and soften your feet. Then, either get your cuticles pushed or cut. Followed with an OPI AHA foot scrub to exfoliate away tough calluses and reveal softer, smoother skin. Enjoy the massage with OPI lotion and warm towels. Finish off with a nail polish color of your choice.
Lemon Tonic Pedicure               $35    
Give your feet a soothing therapeutic spa experience with the alluring scents of sparkling lemon and yuzu, warmed by cozy vanilla, ginger, and tea essences. This includes an OPI mask, scrub, lavender paraffin treatment, and moisturizing massage with a blend of botanical and citrus exact, plus antioxidant vitamins. Finish off with warm stones, warm towels and nail polish of your choice. 
OPI Royal Pedicure                    $45
Give your feet the royal treatment! Start off by soaking your feet in a flower scented foot bath with fresh lemon or orange slices. Then, have your cuticles pushed or cut. Follow with an OPI royal verbena scrub to smooth away dry, rough skin and a mask to soften your feet. Relax with warm stones, lavender paraffin treatments, moistening skin massage with botanical and citrus extracts. Finish off by cleaning your feet with green tea and nail polish of your choice.

Classic Manicure                     $15    
Have your nails filed to perfection and soak your fingers in a warm solution to soften the cuticles. Then, have your cuticles pushed or cut which ever you prefer. Follow with a duo purpose massage that will relax and renew your skin with OPI skin renewal scrub. Finish off with a nail polish of your choice.
Warm Paraffin Manicure        $25    
Pamper your tired overworked hands with this manicure created especially for dry and chapped hands. This manicure incorporates the classic manicure with a lavender paraffin treatment what will leave your hands soft and renewed. Enjoy your hand massage with OPI lotion and skin renewal scrub. Finish off with warm towel, and nail polish.
No Chip Manicure
Up to 2 weeks and beyond of flawless wear, color and protection with OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel lacquer.
Quick $25                          
Classic $30                                        
Warm Paraffin $35

Eyebrows    $10      
Full Arms    $35+
Upper Lip    $5         
Half Arms    $25+
Chin            $7+     
Full Legs     $50+         
Under Arm  $20      
Half Legs    $35+
Face           $30      
Bikini         $30

Nail Enchanments
Acrylic & Fiberglass                                                         
Full Set             $25                    Fill-$17
Silk Wrap                                                                           
Full Set             $40                    Fill-$30
Pink & White/Glitter Powder                                            
Full Set             $40                    Fill-$30
Pink Fill           $22
Fullset w/ GelColor $40                                                    
Fill- $30

Add On
French             $5                                                                      
Nail Polish Change                                                     
Color                 $7             French-$10                              
Toes Polish Change                                                                 
Color                 $10           French-$12                
Nail Art                        $5+                                                                  Repair                           $3+                                          
Nail Removal                 $10                                         
Long Nails                     $5+                                              
Gel Polish                      $15                                      
Paraffin Treatment          $5                                    

Kids 10 & Under
Polish Change                      $5
Manicure & Pedicure         $25